Rafael Tavares

Technical Director
Innoventure Technologies

Bilateral Meetings

  • I confirm to participate in b2b sessions block 1 on Thursday 10:30-12:10
  • I confirm to participate in b2b sessions block 2 on Thursday 12:10-13:50
DescriptionThe offshore wind business is growing fast in the APEC region. Accurate and reliable meteorological and ocean data with competitive cost is turn key for many projects. Innoventure Technologies GmbH aims to transfer expertiese from top institutes (such as, GEOMAR and Fraunhofer IWES) to support the development of high-quality services in that region.  
Organization Type Startup
Areas of Activities

Technical cooperation


      Manufacturing agreement




            Mooring system design for measurement buoy

            I need to design and simulate a complete mooring system for a stand-alone measurement buoy. The mooring design must meet drifiting area criteria defined by my client or local government.

            Cooperation Requested
            1. Maritime services

            Fuel cell suppliers

            I'm involved in a stand-alone offshore buoy project in which we're looking for solutions for replacing a Diesel Generator as main power supply. The daily energy need are 4.5kWh.

            My call for suppliers
            1. I need suppliers of high-quality and reliable fuel cells that can stand eventuall contact with salty sea-breeze.

            2.The weight of the fuel cell and the fuel should not be greater than 120kg (fuel for at least 3 months, usually the type "direct methanol" fit for purpose)

            3. It will be placed in a dynamic environment, therefore the fuel cell must operate in inclination angles ranging from 0-50°.

            4. It would be a great advantage in case the supplier had already provided fuel cell products to floating environment with success.

            Cooperation Requested
            1. Marine technology
            2. Maritime Innovations