Igor Davydov

CEO, Ph.D. in DSP
Sitel LLC

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Sitel has developed VibroBox - comprehensive solution for Prescriptive Maintenance of industrial rotary equipment. We offer NDT, PrM for remote diagnostics on non-stationary and stationary equipment. Industries: mining and metallurgy, railway transport, marine, aerospace, oil/gas, energy, mechanical engineering, pulp & paper industries, and others. Equipment: specific and typical industrial equipment - Electric Motors & Generators, Fans, Exhausters & Air Compressors, Pumps, Rolling & Sliding Bearings, etc. VibroBox is a commercial ready-to-use solution.

Organization Type Startup, Company
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            We are looking for opportunities for pilot projects with the possibility of further cooperation.

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            1. Maritime Innovations
            2. Marine technology
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            1. Shipbuilding
            2. Maritime Innovations
            3. Ship equipment