Ellen Heine


Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionFrom APIs to individual software we realize most complex assignments in the most flexible and longlasting way. As you can suggest from our company's name, we do general programming
Organization Type Startup,
Areas of Activities

Research cooperation

    Technical cooperation


        Offer & Request

        API development and individual software

        We are searching for cooperation partners for your individual software. That means less development costs for your idea and the possibility of leading to a longlasting partnership.
        We are also looking for assignments for API development in enterprises which like to fit their data flow to their process flow.

        Keywords: APIsoftwaredevelopmentinnovationstartupdocumentationprotocolprotokolldokumentationsmekmuinterfacesuiux
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Others
        2. Marine technology
        3. Maritime services
        4. Maritime Innovations
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Marine technology
        2. Maritime services
        3. Maritime Innovations