K. Christoph Keller

Managing Director
Aveniture GmbH

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Engineers for Futures Studies

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          Offer & Request

          Specialty 3D Printer Consortium

          We are looking for an engineering/automation company to participate in a consortium to create a special large 3D printer based on an improved and validated high-throughput material deposition technology. We have several applications confirmed and can start GOTO:Market as soon as the consortium is complete.

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Others

          Portfolio- and Innovation Management for SME (CEN/TS 16555) Counter the downturn!

          We offer SMEs support in innovation management (CEN/TS 16555) with a focus on transforming portfolios and companies in a difficult business environment.

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Others

          GOTO:Market - quickly introduce new products, innovations, business-models and enter new markets

          GOTO:Market means, you earn money with your novelty/innovation as soon as possible. It is an agile way to quickly introduce and develop new products, innovations and business models.

          Cooperation Offered
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