Claudia Dreszer

Chief Scientific Officer
Ankron Water Services GmbH

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 We help you treat water right.

We are independent water specialists for the marine industry. Ankron Water Services consists of an interdisciplinary team of qualified engineers and natural scientists with an extensive experience in the water industry for several years. Marine water areas such as ballast and bilge water are covert as well as drinking and wastewater. We offer consolidated know-how in water treatment, approval procedures as well as research and development. We test, advise and participate actively in the approval of your devices or systems. In doing so we use our global network to support you in solving all your water queries. 

Ankron consists of an experienced team with multidisciplinary expertise in maritime and land-based water technology. The aim of Ankron is to offer high-quality consulting and services based on experience, knowledge and a globally established network. We can finalize your projects successfully by applying a selective combination of engineering and science.

Our main fields of business are:


  • Consulting
  • Testing
  • R&D
  • Advisory


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          Consulting and Testing Services for the Marine Industry

          We offer a wide range of services to the marine industry, where we cover all main water streams on a vessel. Ballast water, wastewater, bilge water, scrubber wash water, cooling water and drinking water. We can do compliance tests, commissioning and type approval testing all according to current regulations.

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