Martin Dicke-Kurtenbach

Sales Manager International
Schwichtenberg GmbH

Bilateral Meetings

  • I confirm to participate in b2b sessions block 1 on Thursday 10:30-12:10
  • I confirm to participate in b2b sessions block 2 on Thursday 12:10-13:50
DescriptionSchwichtenberg.GmbHPioneering Precision
Innovative production technologies and individually
specified products, we as Schwichtenberg GmbH
continuously increase our attractiveness
as an internationally certified partner of our customers
and care about safety in aviation, indispensable reliability
of medical devices and maximum performance in motorsport.
And precisely because of this expertise, effectiveness and
efficiency, Schwichtenberg GmbH manages to keep the
precision in lathing, milling and sharpening technology at the
highest level on all materials across all sectors and still improve it.

Organization Type Company
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Technical cooperation


      Manufacturing agreement


          Offer & Request

          Service Provider for precision machining

          we are a service provider searching for cooperation to produce precision parts on all possible materials (VA, Titan, Magnesium)

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