Hendrik Heimer

CEO & Founder
Viator Marine UG

Bilateral Meetings

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Viator Marine is developing the next generation of cruising yachts. The first prototype of the model Viator Explorer 42 DS is nearly finished.

More about our concept "Next Generation Yachting" you can find here: https://www.viatormarine.com/nextgenerationyachting

More about the Viator Explorer 42 DS you can find here: https://www.viatormarine.com/viatorexplorer42ds


Organization Type Startup
Areas of Activities

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        Project Management / Marine Technologies

        While building our innovative sailing yacht "VOLT" we got involved with a number of new technologies - from electric propulsion systems to customized solar panels or biozide free antifouling. We want to share this knowledge with anybody who is interested in sustainable yacht building. Please contact us.

        Keywords: YachtbuildingSustainabilityNext Generation YachtingProject ManagementConsulting
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Maritime services
        2. Maritime Innovations
        3. Marine technology

        Building the next generation sailing yacht - Investor wanted

        With our concept "Next Generation Yachting" we are developing a cruising yacht that is superior to most existing yacht models in many aspects. We are looking for a cooperation to start a serial production - either with an existing boatyard or with an investor who can provide the financing of the project.

        Keywords: InvestorSailing YachtShipbuilding
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Shipbuilding