Annette Moritz

Foreign Trade Consultant
WTSH GmbH / Enterprise Europe Network

Bilateral Meetings

  • I confirm to participate in b2b sessions block 2 on Thursday 12:10-13:50
DescriptionWTSH is the Business development and technology transfer corporation of Schleswig-Holstein. We provide the services required for founding, expanding or relocating business in Schleswig-Holstein: information about the economic region Schleswig-Holstein; innovation support, support in technology projects, research and development activities, etc.
WTSH is part of the EEN network and assists with entering foreign markets, establishing new business contacts and supporting small and medium sized enterprises and start-ups in finding new business partners. 
Organization Type Company
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    Sustainable baltic sea

    Besides the services WTSH and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) offers companies located in Schleswig-Holstein or companies interested in getting in closer contact to the economy of Schleswig-Holstein, I'd like to discuss new ideas and solutions affecting the topic Sustainable baltic sea.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Others
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Maritime services
    2. Marine technology